LGBTQI Community Support Group

In a country where the LGBTQ+ community faces daily threats, be it through overt discrimination or physical abuse, queer individuals often lack a safe space and community that can act as a support network. This was highlighed during South Africa’s national lockdown where traditional support networks and institutions were disrupted and had to close in the face of the global pandemic. 


The Global Shapers Johannesburg and Tshwane Hubs, in partnership with South Africa’s largest mental health line South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), launched a bi-weekly support group at the beginning of August 2020 to provide a sense of community for the marginalised group.  

The current virtual community event, attended by close to 30 participants bi-weekly, provides a safe space where LGBTQ+ individuals can share life experiences, and provide advice for fellow attendees. 

A supplementary WhatsApp group provides a channel for those who do not necessarily have an internet connection to attend virtual community gatherings to also access resources and join the conversations. 

As the project expands, and lockdown regulations ease in South Africa, in-person gatherings are planned, as well as educational webinars and talks with speakers and activists to provide information resources to both those outside and inside the queer community. 

A virtual community gathering specifically for the inclusion of the rest of the Afrrican continent is planned. The intention is that mental health advocates and Global Shapers in South Africa, and the world, will also raise their hand to launch similar community gatherings in a bid to create more LGBTQ+ community safe spaces.