Local Renewables

The Lyon Hub project Energia/Lex aims at working on open-access of standard models to truly accelerate energy transition by providing tools to create hybrid organisations for sustainable energy solutions.

The project team gathers and highlights legal information of clean tech, with diverse business models, technologies and regulation levels, to empower citizens and local private initiatives. As the second step, the Energia/Lex team engineers, opens and standardizes contracts which are easier to understand and use. With standard agreements being the norm; data gathering is easier making renewables' evaluation possible and more attractive to investors. As a result, cities become more attractive for their citizens and all actors.

During the first phase of project development, the Hub focused on 7 use-cases in order to create a first set of to retrofit and fuel poverty issues.

As the project entered in its second phase of development, the Hub is aiming at pushing further the intellectual study in working with financial partners to initiate dedicated in-depth studies on one or two above mentioned topics. Secondly, in this phase, the Hub is planning to test this approach on the field with dedicated events and workshops in France and abroad by partnering with entities who are willing to join this open-source community.