Locally Relevant and Sensitive Information Amidst COVID-19

We aim to create the best information resource for Greater Manchester residents to find out how to thrive during the COVID–19 pandemic. We will share information about local businesses, cultural institutions and community groups operating during this time. The aim is to be a mutually beneficial operation, first helping residents stay active, healthy, learning and engaged, and secondly helping local businesses attract new clients during this time.

There is an overwhelming amount of information available online about COVID-19, including some which is not fact-based or does not promote local cohesion. We aim to reverse this in the Greater Manchester Community, providing practical resources and localised information for Mancurians to support local businesses and thrive during the pandemic.

Our content will cover:

  • Engaging stories of quarantine

  • Books

  • Various free perks (e.g. free rooms, promotions from different companies)

  • Resources to help with discipline

  • Funding opportunities (e.g. MIF did a shout-out for artists)

  • Job opportunities for people who are unemployed

  • Mental Health

  • Disinformation and xenophobia