Made by Me

Armenia has 19 orphanages and special schools. Yet, more than 90 percent of children in residential institutions in Armenia have at least one living parent. It is often the case that parent(s) bring children to an orphanage themselves or that children are separated from their family because of violence or various social issues. These types of situations impose important psychological pressure on children, often leading to diminished self-confidence.

In 2016, the Yerevan Hub, in cooperation with the retail company Mothercare Armenia, launched the project “Made by Me,” a series of two-day events aimed at helping children living in orphanages to learn and grown while developing their unique talents. With the help of professionals from Mothercare, children do the merchandising and pricing of the handmade creations they produce, while learning how to negotiate and sell products. After their hard work, children are rewarded with different entertainments activities.

The money raised is used to buy materials for the children’s future projects as well as some gifts as a reward for their work. In its first year, 25 children from Gavar and Gyumri orphanages participated in the event. Children raised 148,000 AMD on the first day and 176,000 AMD on the second day of the event.