Mainstreaming youth in Development

Despite Khuzdar being the 2nd largest city in Balochistan, it is not contributing to its own development due to limited opportunities, a low literacy rate, and a lack of facilities. The total literacy rate is only 17 percent, and the literacy rate for women and girls is less than 2 percent. This ratio gives us an idea of the situation of young women in particular. Youth are adversely affected by the current situation and are discouraged, losing hope and as a result are not contributing to creating change.


Khuzdar Hub wants to encourage youth, through polishing their skills, proper guidance, and capacity building. The hub believes that youth have the talent and the skills for creating positive change. In this regard, the hub is looking to start a youth leadership program for those emerging leaders who have an idea or they want to do something for themselves and their society. This program will enable youth to enhance their knowledge, clarify their ideas and polish their skills to take initiatives at the community level and inspire other youth to start advocacy campaigns from local to national level, creating awareness about youth rights and also raise their voices for the protection of youth rights. 


After one year of this capacity-building program, emerging leaders will engage more and more youth who will work for youth in their communities and will create collective actions. These leaders will be role models, sources of information, and good mentors who will lead their young groups related to their studies, skills development as well as future plans. Moreover, they will create opportunities for the youth where they will discuss their issues, challenges, and way forward for engaging more youth in the process of development. 


Along with this, these leaders will build linkages with the different stakeholders, and institutions who will support them to launch effective and result-oriented activities and campaigns. Furthermore, they will be able to present and defend youth on a different platform. 


The hub will identify 20 emerging leaders in Khuzdar and provide them with a learning and practical opportunity to polish their skills. Through this process of capacity building, these emerging leaders will address youth issues, rights, challenges, and opportunities in their communities and districts.