MakeManila, in partnership with MakeSense, was a project with the goal to support social entrepreneurs in the Philippines. The project started with a launch event that featured three local social entrepreneurs. The event had three simultaneous "Hold-Ups" or MakeSense problem-solving workshops that led participants through a creative methodology to help social entrepreneurs solve a concrete challenge (e.g. finding a new business model, increasing user interaction, getting new clients, etc). 

After the event, the three social entrepreneurs were given the next few months to review the proposed solutions with their teams and think about what they wanted to test during the months leading up to the OCEAN 2016 Summit (a conference co-organized with the different Global Shapers hubs in the Philippines, the Philippine YGLs headed by Winston Damarillo and the Philippine Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs headed by Jim Ayala).

The three social enterprises helped during the project are:

  • WIkiPangako - Good Governance - The challenge revolved around the need to increase user base/uptake 

  • Jeepneed - Education - The challenge revolved around the need to expand the database of an in-house project (health of fishing areas)

  • Spark Project - Crowdfunding

Date: September-December 2016