Maranhão em Casa

Problem Statement:

LGBTQI+ artists in Maranhão need to reconnect with the audience during the social isolation provoked by the COVID-19 in

order to continue to develop their work.

Target Group:

LGBTQI+ artists

Proposed Solution:

Due to the social isolation resulting from COVID-19 prevention measures, the artistic class had its work directly impacted, due to the impossibility of holding events or participating in television programs. In this sense, there is also a difficulty in accessing the arts by the general public. The challenges are imposed even more on LGBTQI+ artists who, in addition to the common adversities of those who aspire to an artistic career, deal with issues related to identity and diversity in their professional life. "Maranhão em Casa" sought to reconnect artists from Maranhão, especially LGBTQI +, with the public during the period of social isolation, both to publicize their work, as well as to share their inspirations and desires in this moment of crisis, allowing people, even at home, to have access to art and reflections on the scenario of artistic production in Maranhão, through the production of lives and IGTV on Instagram.

Hub Activities:

  • To organize weekly lives on Instagram in which the artists were not only interviewed, but also could sing and have interactions with the audience

  • To create an Instagram account to stream the interviews with the artists

  • To seek partnerships to promote the online events

  • To promote events organized by other organizations or the artists themselves to reinforce the initiatives from LGBTQI+ artists

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results:

The project goals were to minimize the negative impacts arising from the period of social isolation due to the COVID pandemic on the artistic sector of Maranhão and promote the visibility of LGBTQI+ artists. Also, the project aimed to promote a reflection about artistic production and diversity and about the challenges of being an artist in Maranhão and in Brazil.

Available Metrics:

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LGBTQI+ artists who participated in the events:

  • Vinaa:

  • MANA:

  • Yhago Sebaz:

  • Enme Paixão:

  • Dominica

  • Jefferson Carvalho: