Media Literacy

The project Media Literacy is a project for educating young people in North Macedonia on the importance of media literacy, developing critical thinking and empowering young people to raise their voice about trending topics in the life of every young individual.

This project addresses the lack of knowledge and necessity of young people to be media literate in order to be able to separate the information from misinformation, which increases their abilities for critical thinking, assessment and making independent and well-informed decisions.

Within the last six months the hub has conducted a survey among high school students and has received 600+ responses from across the country and gathered information on the level of knowledge and awareness of Macedonian youth regarding media literacy. 

Accordingly, the hub has organized one workshop facilitated by two professionals specialists in public relations and new media, which was attended by 15 participants. 

Currently, the team is working on results dissemination and social media campaign, and plans to organize at least one more workshop in the following period. 

The project aims at conducting a survey among young people in North Macedonia about their knowledge regarding media literacy, and dissemination of the results on the social media channels and distribution through the network of collaborators and stakeholders;

We aim at organizing at least 2 workshops in different locations with professionals from the field on the topic of media literacy, which will directly and very efficiently help young people to develop their critical thinking and be involved in interactive tasks, with the aim to make them feel like they are part of the solution and active decision makers in the society.

Specifically the project aims to achieve the following measurable goals: 

 Minimum of 20 participants per workshop (2 workshops of 20 participants = minimum of 40 participants). 

 At least 70% of the participants have demonstrated increased levels of media literacy (measured through a test or a survey sent out in two waves – one before the activities of the project and one after the activities). 

# Likes and shares of engagements on the social media campaign.

The project is implemented in a period of one year starting from August 2022 and is still ongoing.