Media Literacy

The Global Shapers Helsinki Hub aims to provide the general public with the required tools to understand algorithms and models driving online media offering and critically assesses the who, what and why of publishing. The hub is working on creating a series of engaging videos to be used in a social media campaign that will include an educational survey asking about people's knowledge of their everyday media engagement. Content will be based on the following topics:

  • Guidelines for understanding how big digital media works

  • Guidelines for parents on how to teach their children safe and healthy media consumption

  • How to recognize the algorithms and their influence on people's information bubble

The impact the hub is looking to achieve includes the following:

  • Reduction of social bias

  • Reduction of negative media¬†consumption

  • Fake news elimination

  • Make influential media providers and publishers change their approach towards society

  • Help people understand that diversity is richness when it comes to online media sources and opinions