Men Talk Trauma

Problem Statement
Many men may be uncomfortable joining support groups due to the stigma surrounding male vulnerability. There is a lack of a support group that addresses the need to process trauma in a safe environment while maintaining the privacy of its participants. This poses a challenge for men who have experienced trauma and seek to recover. For many, the difficulty to recover is compounded by a lack of established group therapy formats that maintain individual privacy. This challenge hinders individuals in their recovery process and poses risks to wider communities, potentially leading to an increased prevalence of societal phenomena like generational violence.

Proposed Solution
Men Talk Trauma is an anonymous support group for individuals who have experienced trauma, are in ongoing psychological therapy, and are seeking a support group without exposure. The group will offer a safe space for processing emotions alongside others facing similar challenges. It aims to provide a space where men can heal, without feeling constrained by traditional masculine expectations of emotional suppression. This unique group therapy format combines two established therapeutic formats:

  1. Anonymous support format, publicly accessible to anyone in the form of online chats or meetings.

  2. Curated support groups hosted by a psychologist and attended by recurring participants at regular intervals.

Hub Activities The Tel Aviv hub will organize a pilot group attended by about 10-12 recurring individuals attending 10 monthly support group sessions. The hub's responsibilities will include the recruitment of a support group host and participants, the technical facilitation of anonymous meetings through tech community partners, and the messaging of group success through professional surveys conducted by relevant professionals. Project partners will include the host psychologist, tech community partners, and the mentioned measurement service providers. If the group succeeds, the hub may partner with additional hubs to deploy this format in a wider set of communities. The goal is to help not only participants but also their surroundings, benefiting from healthier individuals who may be less prone to violence and other adverse behavior.

Available Metrics
The project actively researches the specific needs of men and trauma through surveys, focus groups, and consultations with mental health professionals specializing in men's issues. Project success will be measured based on relevant metrics in the relevant therapeutic realms.With a Constant Feedback Loop, the platform incorporates anonymous feedback mechanisms to continuously improve the experience and ensure it meets the evolving needs of its users.

Project Status
At the moment, the project is competing for the Global Shapers Annual Innovation Prize with the aim of funding a pilot support group.