Mental Health and Healing Yourself

They say, "all the healing eventually happens within the self"! The hub partnered with inner guide Shobhali Thapa (Founder, Swaheal) to organize a workshop in the context of COVID-19. This lead to a 12-week group coaching of people who wanted more support. The workshop was inclusive of meditation and yoga practices. Following this, Shapers organized some art-based workshops in collaboration with Just for Arts. Simultaneously, the hub did relaxing arts workshops (open to all) throughout the period of lockdown (one each week for 5 weeks) to foster expressions through Arts.


Overall, the project has impacted 200+ people through these consistent workshops and will continue to raise awareness around the principles of self-healing and reflections through these. In this project so far the hub has conducted 17 workshops (12 workshops with inner guide Shobhali Thapa and 5 relaxing art workshops).


I was unaware of the fact that my inner self needed healing until I was introduced to the path of self healing by Shobhali. She's shown me the path of self discovery. Helped me to understand the need of self identification. Because of Shobhali's guidance, I am more self aware and self awareness was exactly what I was seeking in life. I am eternally grateful to her for the deposit that she's made in my life. --- Simran Khattar, Learning Links Foundation