It is needless to mention how the pandemic has impacted businesses and individuals. Our focus is on social impact startups in the area of health, education and climate.  There is a huge need to access the network of investors, founders and experts to accelerate their growth.


Our solution aims to create a community where startups and mentors can help each other to grow and create a positive impact in the society. MentorUp helps startups identify their key problems, then match them with the right mentor to discuss the problem and get the right direction to move forward. We cover all the areas where the startups might need help, such as marketing, business development, sales etc. The programme will run twice a year with a period of 3 months. First one month will be for registration and initial understanding of the problem/need. Then the right mentor is chosen and matched with a startup. Over the next 2 months, the mentoring sessions take place between the mentors and startups and feedback is collected on a regular basis.