Milano Fuoriclasse

With their project “Milano Fuoriclasse,” the Milan Hub seeks to sensitize middle-school aged children to the environment in which they live, teaching them to respect and value their city. Children participate in walking tours around Milan’s most historical monuments. The tours are led by volunteers, who are mainly university students in Art, History, and related subjects.

Participants are also involved in activities that aim to empower them in the management of their city and of its social life, such as park cleanings, graffiti removals, or volunteering for the less fortunate. These activities are organized in collaboration with various associations, such as AMSA (Milan’s waste management company) or the national association against graffiti (Associazione Nazionale Antigraffiti).

The project is also supported by a research project in partnership with TRAILab of Università Cattolica di Milano, which works to identify new educational needs and weaknesses in the current system and create activities to fill current gaps. Watch this video to find out more: