MindMe (Zdrowa Rozmowa)

What is the problem here?

Mental health is not enough considered and tackled in our society. Adolescents & young adults that suffer from mental issues often refuse to follow a therapy in order not to tell their relatives, and/or having no money to tackle the problem themselves.

What do we do then?

The Warsaw Hub would like to offer these people a space where they can speak to a practician (and folllow a therapy). After an initial session, the therapist will propose a 1-4 months therapy to the patient and agree with them on the schedule. All these sessions are pro-bono by the therapists ; the patient doesn't have to pay anything.

How do we do it?

The Hub creates a pool of psychologists that are willing to give 2-4 hours per month for these pro-bono consultations. The Hub then address this offer to adolescents & young adults in need, and match them via our online tool/automated processes. Practicians then establish their plan with the patient.

The Hub presents the project on a webpage, where people can register themselves. The calendar with all the pro-bono hours from the practicians is being tracked, and full privacy for the patients is ensured.

The more psychologists give pro-bono hours, the more people we'll be able to help. If a psychologist gives 4 hours a month (1h/week), and considering the above scheme, this would mean helping 8 people / year. Once the Hub creates a pool of 20 psychologists, it could help 160 adolescents & young adults per year.

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