Minneapolis Energy Forum and Report

Problem Statement:

The Minneapolis Hubs came up with this project to encourage the use and generation of renewable and carbon-free energy in the city

Target Group:

Citizens of Minneapolis

Proposed Solution:

The Minneapolis Global Shapers ( have strived to continue the World Economic Forum's tradition of convening diverse and divergent leaders to address difficult, essential challenges. Stakeholder theory – the approach pioneered by Klaus Schwab which views the enterprise as a community with various social groups directly and indirectly dependent on its success – was critical to finding sustainable, long-term solutions to questions such as Minneapolis’ energy system. It is with this spirit that Minneapolis Hub of the Global Shapers decided to host a collaborative and open dialogue with key leaders to enhance the local decision-making process for our energy future.

Hub Activities:

Initial conversations were held from June through September, 2013. Additional conversations took place at the Minneapolis Global Shapers Energy Forum, September 25, 2013, when over twenty-five Minneapolis leaders came together to learn about the energy system serving the city and to debate and share ways it can be improved.

The Minneapolis Global Shapers Energy Report is an attempt to speak for younger generations. We then summarized feedback gathered from emerging and established business leaders regarding the energy system’s primary pillars – Reliable Affordable, Clean and Local – and provide a distilled comparison of the visions and values of Minneapolis' energy future between the eyes of varying generations. 

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results:

  • Engage community members that are not typically part of energy discussions with business leaders and experts in the space to broaden scope of involvement.

  • The Energy Forum and Report were inputs to involve youth perspective in The Minneapolis Energy Vision 2014 which described itself as “an aspirational document"

  • Bring City residents and businesses together around a common set of goals.” The Forum specifically aimed to identify how we can safeguard and enhance the key pillars of Reliable, Affordable, Clean and Local in the vision in the business community.

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