MISchool – A School Management Software

Problem Statement: Management information system carefully created and designed as an application to increase the management capacity of low-cost private schools. It enables schools to collect, organize, and store records giving schools full control of all academic, financial, and administrative information.

Target Group: Low-cost private schools.

Proposed Solution: MISchool is a web-based software application which allows users to sync data between different school devices in real-time when online, and has the additional feature of queueing all changes made offline on the device until internet connectivity returns - this ensures that all data being stored is accurate, reliable, and secure. The system has been designed to not only save time and effort, but has also proved to be a cost effective and eco friendly solution for schools.

Short-term Goals:

  • Onboard 10–20 schools

  • Technology adoption with affordable subscription plan

Long-term Goals:

  • Digitalization of schools with public and private partnership

  • Building schools community to improve educational outcomes

Project Metrics:

  • Number of Schools: MISchool's initial goal was to onboard 10–20 small to medium schools (both in rural and urban areas) on a paid subscription plan so that it can sustain itself. Actual Outcome: More than 20+ sign–ups and 10–12 schools subscribed to paid plans with rural, charity or non-profit schools discounts.

  • Number of Teachers: One of the main goals of the MISchool app was to assist teachers with attendances, exams and other administrative activities. Within 3 months, 150+ teachers profiles were created from 20+ schools who signed up.

  • Number of Students: MISchool recorded 5,000+ students' profiles.

Project Collaborators: MISchool is built in collaboration with Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP) and Education researchers.