Model Showcasing Series

The Yaounde Hub's events have impacted over 1,500 participants thus far and across public, private and vocational schools. Participants not only included students and staff, but also guest speakers coming from all walks of life: agripreneurs, economists, artists, just to mention a few. Over the next eight months, the Yaounde hub plans to execute at least 5 Model Showcase Series, and also distribute pocket size versions of the Cameroonian constitution to all participants. The general mission of the Global Shapers Community is to build a global network of the most outstanding young people committed to improving the state of the world. In the Yaounde hub, we believe this should start by educating young people, as soon as possible, on the virtues of being knowledgeable on one's rights and obligations, and becoming an active citizen that contributes to the development of Cameroon. The Cameroonian curriculum of secondary institutions does not teach students the constitution, nor does it provide a platform for interested students to learn more about the laws that govern their nation. This is a challenge the Yaounde hub wants to begin to tackle through Model Showcasing events. We see a special value in bringing together young Cameroonian leaders from different backgrounds and areas of expertise to encourage the youths to take interest in the law, regardless of what they plan to do later in life. By distributing pocket size book of the Cameroonian constitution and sparking engaging and informational conversations on the topic, the Yaounde shapers hope to build a more aware, active and committed society where young Cameroonians believe in accountability, transparency and good governance.