Mozilla Uttar Pradesh- Web Literacy

Mozilla is dedicated to protecting the Web as a global public resource that promotes openness, innovation and opportunity for all. This Web is as important to education as it is to economy, culture and society. Mozilla, together with partners and collaborators, are striving for universal web literacy with an approach called connected learning. Connected learning is based on research that people learn best if they can combine their personal passions with rigorous academic scaffolding and to make projects with friends, peers and educators. Open networks make this learning possible. We unified our efforts in education in the Mozilla Learning Network. We serve our mission by teaching digital skills in local communities through interest-driven learning and making. Our goal is to help people become critical consumers, contributors and participants on the Web. If people experience the web as critical to their learning, work and social lives they will better understand their role in helping the Web remain open, accessible and a resource for all. Mozilla Uttar Pradesh was born as an effort to bring together, in one community, the users, translators, designers, developers and anyone part of the Mozilla and Open Web technologies in Uttar Pradesh to work together on a set of well defined goals with a purpose to improve and grow.

Mozilla Uttar Pradesh is part of Mozilla India which is one of the global communities of Mozilla Foundation. The community is driven by the passionate volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to give momentum to the project and protect, nurture and steward the web they love. Though such projects has no owner/s, but they constitute some of the most active contributors.