Munchin' in München

Locally-owned sustainable eateries in Munich need a platform for exposure and acknowledgement so that they can attract more customers. Residents and visitors of Munich don’t have a platform to find locally-owned sustainable eateries to support.

The Munich Hub has planned to develop a customizable Google Map and food blog with a list of restaurants that fit a [set] of criteria (featured by included restaurants), as well as their stories. The project is targeting locally owned; locally sourced; environmentally conscious restaurants as well as consumers, environmentally conscious and looking for good eats. The Hub is collaborating on this project with Geheimtrip Munich.

One of the goals of the project is to help consumers to purposefully seek out places that are more sustainable.

Phase 0 - Preparation:

Defining inclusion / exclusion criteria

Phase 1 - Identification:

Restaurants identification

Interviews with friends, owners etc.             ← the project is currently here

Phase 2 - Testing: 

Hub Activity of going out & trying out these restaurants

Follow-up with restaurants & documenting experience

Addition to the Google Map & content sharing

Phase 3 - Community Engagement:

Launch for community driven addition