Problem Statement: The children undergoing cancer treatment in public hospitals have to deal with a lot of emotional trauma.

Target Group: Children suffering from Cancer and their parents.

Proposed Solution:  The Islamabad Hub, on a bi-annual basis, organizes an event at the local public hospital, PIMS, for the children admitted in the cancer ward and their families. 'Muskaan' means smile in Urdu and the aim of the project is to bring smiles to the faces of the children undergoing chemotherapy and to their families who are undergoing such a huge tribulation. The nurses and the doctors working in the cancer ward are also invited. This project allows the hub to spend time with these children and bring joy to their otherwise tough life through story telling and games.

Activities: A stage performance, music show, magic show, arts and crafts activities have been conducted to date. In each session, a bag of goodies  including snacks and drawing material is also shared with the children.

Short-term goals: Smile on the kids and their parents faces going during such traumatic time

Long-term change: PIMS cancer ward became more receptive towards doing such activities with volunteers to help patients. It will enable a more friendly environment for the sick children.


Available Mertrics: Overall, 75 children have been engaged in the ward.


Collaborators: We collaborated with Amer Qureshi, a consultant and public speaker and his Organization AQ Consultancy for this work