My Digital Future

The “My Digital Future” project of the Helsinki Hub is focused on developing digital skills and improving algorithmic and data literacy in Finland through the creation of openly accessible digital material. 

Young professionals in Finland must develop digital skills and improve their algorithmic and data literacy in order to be prepared for the future of their careers.


Due to the pandemic this project is now using digital strategies to address the identified problem. The Hub will share resources to improve the literacy of locals regarding digital topics such as datasets, algorithms and automation. 

The Hub facilitates -- virtual and communal --  spaces to develop digital skills for the future, around the following themes: 

October - Skills for the Future of Work month

November - Algorithmic bias month

December - Data literacy month


Each month, the Hub produces 3 blog posts based on interviews with industry experts and key stakeholders from Finland (in English and Finnish), host a documentary screening and discussion event, and produce illustrations on project themes as online content. 


The short term goals are the production of 9 blog posts, 3 documentary watchings and discussions, a number of illustrations related with the themes.


Collaborators include Lappeenranta University of Technology and the Finnish cultural foundation.