Problem Statement: Students in Latvia need to have accessible solutions to tackle bullying so that they can get a high quality education.


Target Group: Project provided tools and trainings to school-age children suffering from bullying, as well as teachers and parents.


Proposed Solution: According to the PISA survey 2018, Latvia has the highest bullying rates in OECD countries - every 3rd child in Latvia is being bullied. Neklusē aimed to decrease bullying in Latvia by: developing a mobile app for reporting bullying and educating teachers, parents, and children about how to identify and tackle mobbing.


Hub Activities: The project activities included:

  • Development of a mobile app through which a child could report bullying and receive professional help from a psychologist;

  • Providing trainings to teachers, children and parents;

  • Conducting surveys at schools about the state of mobbing;

  • Making awareness campaigns on social media.


Short & Long-Term Goals/Results, Available Metrics: As a part of the Global Shapers community:

  • Mobile app was launched in pilot schools;

  • Educational materials for teachers, parents, and children were developed and shared in trainings in more than 4 schools;

  • Over 60 schools participated in the school survey about bullying with more than 8000 responses gathered;

  • Reached over 440’000 users on social media with paid ads (60% of target group 18-65 year olds on social media), with 2.2 million impressions during whole campaign, with more than 200k post engagements and 1.7 million video plays.

  • Additionally to the paid media generated attraction to the facebook posts online with the organic reach of more than 400k;

  • Social media and website: 21 270 website visitors, 3 088 followers on facebook, 710 followers on Instagram, 8 followers on youtube (Feb 2019 - Jun 2020.


Collaborators: Neklusē collaborators included:

  • Development collaborators: MAKIT Software development; Otzi; Httpool;

  • Marketing and consulting collaborators:  Sorainen; Fox consulting; Grizzly Riga; VA Government; Poligrāfijas Aģentūra; Lielvārds;

  • Financial contributors: Sewdbank;

  • Information and content partners: State Children Rights Protection Inspectorate; State helpline for children; State police; Organizations providing support to parents and children “Mammām un Tētiem”, “Centrs Marta”, “Pusaudžu resursu centrs”, “Cā”;

  • Survey collaborators: Edurio; E-klase.