NEXT - Growing Together with the NEXT Generation -

Our project "NEXT" aims to support the career education at high schools in the Kansai (wider-Osaka) Area. We will offer  opportunities to "Think about your own future" program to 443 high schools, 331,800 high school students in the Kansai area. Project NEXT will be addressed from 2 aspects:

A.To form a way to give an impact directly to the students,  shapers will visit high schools and share their life story(Shaper delivery service). Each story will be recorded on a video and will be archived on our project website.  

B. To form a way to spread our story in a short term, we  will create a course learning materials for career education and publish it to high schools in the Kansai area. This material will not only support the career education classes, but also be provided in the library for an easy access for the students.