No Health Without Mental Health

The Global Shapers Skopje Hub project "No Health Without Mental Health" aims to raise awareness of the importance of mental health to young people in the Republic of North Macedonia. 

Through online sessions, development of the electronic hand-outs, and providing awareness through a social media campaign the Hub is planning to reach young people and show them the importance of mental health. 

The project aims to raise awareness to at least 150 young people from the Republic of North Macedonia for the need of mental health as a public health priority.

Specifically, the project aims to achieve the following measurable goals:

# attendance of participants involved in the lectures. 


# Likes and shares of engagements on the social media campaign.


Followers showing interest in asking questions about mental health.

In order to achieve the measurable goals and the overall goal the following activities will be realized: 

1. Nine on-line sessions that will be concentrated on a topic related to mental health 

2. Nine electronic hand-outs which will elaborate on the mental health-related topic of the month. They will be included in our social media campaign.

3. Providing answers to a certain number of questions from our followers on social media related to mental health issues also as part of our social media campaign.

The project will be implemented in a period of one year, starting from September 2020. However the Hub intends to replicate the online program for mental health a few times after the first one in the next few years.