As per a recent World Bank Report, without urgent action, global waste will increase by 70 percent on current levels by 2050. WE must ACT now! The Nice hub, with the partners and community, has been collaborating in drives to clean-up our coasts and the city. Communities of French Riviera and even globally need to be aware of the level of waste produced, so that they can reduce it. The ‘No Waste November’ initiative seeks firstly to raise awareness of the levels of waste we produce in our communities and secondly to raise awareness of the amount of people who are making an active effort to reduce waste in their communities.

Fourth Edition - 2021

Third Edition - 2020


Second Edition - 2019

First edition in 2018

The #NoWasteNovember is an annual project which seeks to raise awareness concerning the exponentially increasing levels of waste produced in our communities. The project challenged hubs all over the world to share their best-practices concerning waste reduction in their communities, in order to create a large information base with many innovative ideas for people looking to live in a more responsible way. The main goal of the project was to raise awareness concerning the topic of waste, secondly we also sought to mobilise Global Shapers hubs in order to create a buzz around the topic on all social media platforms as well as Top Link, finally and most importantly, we aimed to create a pool of information containing innovative ways to minimise waste as well as community waste management tips. We have analysed our impact in the following ways: 1. The number of hubs who accepted the challenge and were actively involved in the challenge, a total of 17 hubs sent detailed videos and many more joined the movement using the #ShapersAgainstWaste or #NoWasteNovember. 2. The number of views on our initial video, which are at 9 500 views today and the video has a reach of 22 409 people as well as 3 700 engagements. 3. Our final analysis will be when the final video is compiled and released this November, containing all the video submissions which we have received, and the movement will be even bigger this year, stay tuned!