Problem Statement

Marginalized communities in Cancun, Quintana Roo, need to have urban reforestation in order to improve the equitable distribution of benefits and increase the involvement in sustainable economic activity.


Target Group

Youth People of all genders from 12 to 29 years old.


Proposed Solution

The Global Shapers Cancún Hub is designing a general methodology with scientific support and international standards for the diagnosis of needs for the implementation of an urban ecological restoration plan to scale up in other cities around the world to create local “Oasis” in an urban area.


Hub Activities: 

  • Draft of a collaboration agreement with Plant-for-the-Planet and local government.

  • Submit Parque de la Equidad blueprints, polygons for pre-assessment of the area to be impacted.

  • Submit Parque de la Equidad (PE) blueprints, polygons, coordinates of area to science team.

  • Submit Cancun´s vegetation catalog to the science team.

  • Submit PEs pre-design and mapping of on-site interventions: arboretums, thematic jungles, fruit forests, reforestations.

  • Define Guidelines for final Restoration Plan Document

  • Submit Guidelines for final Restoration Plan Document to science team

  • First draft of Restoration Plan Design review

  • Fill Oasis 4.0 application in Plant-for-the-Planet App Platform.

  • Submit application form and white label app request for Oasis 4.0 profile in Plant-for-the-Planet App.

  • Create and curate texts for Oasis 4.0 partner page in Plant-for-the-Planet server.

  • Submit texts and data for Partner Page to Plant-for-the-Planet IT

  • Coding to assemble white label apps on Cancun hub's adapted account.

  • Define area for Pilot Event.

  • Brainstorming for Pilot Event design (agenda, guests, reforestation, press conference)

  • Design Educational Content / Presentations for Pilot Event (Youth Empowerment)

  • Final event budgeting for reforestation activity at Pilot Event.

  • Close Sponsorships / Collaborations with important Stakeholders.

  • Pilot Event Implementation.

  • Collect planted trees data in Tree Mapper.

  • Collect environmental impact and interviews - Scientifics

  • Involvement and Biodiversity Impact.

  • Collect Education and Empowerment impact data and interviews.

  • Youth Engagement / Training.

  • Collect Strategic Alliances impact data and interviews 

  • Governmental and Non Governmental Institution(s) Involvement.

  • Collect Social impact data and interviews - Citizens storytelling.

  • First draft of Final Project Impact report.

  • Project Impact Report Review with Collaborators.

  • Organize Project Impact Press Conference.

  • Publish press release and collect Media Impressions.

  • Annex "Media Impressions" to Final Report.

  • Deliver Final Impact Report to Climate Reality Incubator Team


Short & Long-Term Goals/Results


  • General Goal: Influence public policies of social innovation and citizen action to promote the restoration of urban ecosystems in Quintana Roo.


  • Short Term goals:

    • Establish an alliance with the government of Cancún to develop a Restoration project in “Parque de la Equidad” and set higher quality standards and better ecological guidelines for their revegetation projects.

    • Develop a science-supported urban Restoration Plan in collaboration with Plant-for-the-Planet for “Parque de la Equidad”, an area with the potential to restore up to 105,000 m2 of public space and indirectly benefitting up to 200,000 people.

    • Kick-off and socialize the project with one tree planting event in an area of 30 to 60 square meters of public space at Parque de la Equidad where up to 50 trees will be planted in collaboration with the government of Cancún Municipality.


  • Long Term Goals

    • Educate and empower local citizens of all ages during the tree planting event to get them involved into political and social action for climate justice, and biodiversity conservation.

    • Set up a digital tool, to capture data of every tree planted, monitor the polygons to be restored, and make information transparent, accessible and educational to the public.


Available Metrics

The hub has performed The Climate Reality Project Incubator 2022 Training with 5 weeks of duration and from there we have accomplished the following milestones and metrics:


  • Our project was selected by The Climate Reality Project to be presented at the Annual Curators Meeting 2022 in Ginebra, Switzerland.

  • $2,999.00 USD earned from The Climate Reality Project Incubator 2022.

  • Invited by The Climate Reality Project to the session “Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders and Youth Dialogue on Credible Climate Action” at COP 27 in Egypt, 2022.

  • 60 teenagers trained at CONALEP where a 4-hour training session was performed.

  • 60 trees were planted at CONALEP (40 natives & 20 fruit based).

  • +50 trees will be planted at “Parque de la Equidad” during the National Annual Meeting of Mexico performed in Cancun, Quintana Roo at the early beginning of February 2023.

  • 2 Scientists from Plant-for-the Planet have made a site inspection at “Parque de la Equidad” to support us on the Restoration Plan Design and Monitoring Report.

The hub and its stakeholders aim to fully restore “Parque de la Equidad” by 2025 and deliver an Urban Ecological Restoration Plan by June of this year to The Climate Reality Project.




  • The Climate Reality Project.

  • Plant-for-the-Planet AC (NGO)

  • CONALEP (Public High School).

  • Municipality of Benito Juárez (Local Government - Environmental, Public Works and Services, Youth, Education Department).