Mind in Shape

We face different problems with mental well-being here in Russia. But they can be found in any country. The main challenges of mental issues are: 1) a large number of under-diagnosed people; 2) the absence of preventive psychiatry and deficiency of supportive therapy; 3) increasing amount of borderline personality disorders, depression, anxiety, and so on; 4) lack of the unified criteria for diagnosis of mental diseases and especially borderline states; 5) reduction of psychiatric clinics and changing the therapy in hospital to the outpatient treatment, when a large amount of time patients stay one-on-one with their issue; 6) an unfriendly environment - workplace, public transport, and so on - that do not help people relax, and, at the same time, overload the nervous system with incoming stimuli. For solving these problems, the Global Shapers Moscow Hub plans to address solutions through: 1)collaboration with artists, musicians, producers, photographers to create the art objects that help people to go through and understand the symptoms, emotions of those who suffer(ed) from mental issues; 2) research and design unified scorecard for disorders’ diagnosis; 3) popularization of mental hygiene and preventive psychiatry, and then, through collaboration with NGOs and governments, creating suitable departments in the outpatient hospitals; 4) working with big corporations and small startups, NGOs, governments, and research institutes to build a system that will help to transform and optimize surroundings, to make the cities more friendly for people.