Onboarding All Stakeholders for the Green Just Transition

The problem at hand is the need to facilitate the green just transition in Romania, particularly in mono-industrial regions responsible for over 65% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions. These regions are set to receive 2.5 billion euros from the EU's Just Transition Mechanism, but there's a lack of understanding, support, and legislative frameworks at both the community and national levels. This has led to a significant knowledge gap among the population, inadequate access to funding for urban communities, and an absence of legislation supporting just transition initiatives, especially for block of flats (homeowners' associations).

# Project's Target Group:

- Local communities, particularly urban communities and homeowners' associations across Romania.

- Local councils, national administrations, and policymakers involved in advancing legislation related to the green just transition.

# Project's Proposed Solution: The project proposes a multifaceted approach to address the identified problem. The key components of the solution include: Advocacy: Creating partnerships with public institutions to unlock funding for urban communities. Resource Creation: Developing guides and resources for urban communities on just transition and emission reduction. Workshops and Consultancy: Conducting workshops and providing consultancy to empower communities in their transition efforts. Emissions Reduction: Creating a guide on reducing emissions in daily life. COP 29 Dissemination: Engaging in a media campaign to disseminate COP findings.

# Hub Activities for This Project:

The Bucharest Hub will play a central role in executing the project's activities. They will collaborate closely with IntreVecini, a partner organization with a proven track record in sustainability initiatives:

# Project's Short and Long-term Goals:

Short-term goals include creating partnerships with public institutions, developing guides and resources, conducting workshops, and launching a media campaign. In the long term, the project aims to impact over 1 million Romanians by 2027, fostering a green just transition across the country. # Available Metrics: Number of Partnerships Established with Public Institutions: The project aims to establish partnerships with public institutions to unlock funding for urban communities. The goal is to secure agreements with at least 5 public institutions at the national or local levels. Engagement of Communities and Homeowners' Associations: The project will engage urban communities and homeowners' associations to support them in the green just transition. The target is to involve a minimum of 20 communities and homeowners' associations in workshops and consultations. Media Campaign Reach: The media campaign's success will be measured by its reach. The goal is to achieve a reach of 50,000 people through various media channels, including social media, television outlets, and influencers. Legislative Changes and Policy Proposals Implemented: The project aims to advocate for legislative changes and policy proposals to support urban communities in the green just transition.

# Project Collaborators: The project collaborates with several organizations, including IntreVecini, BRD – Groupe Société Générale, PowerToMe, the Federation of Homeowners Associations, governmental bodies like the AFM and the Ministry of Energy, Bucharest city halls, media partners, influencers, and local non-profits.