Open Government Partnership

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a multilateral initiative, launched in 2011 by US President Obama, with the aim to support public policies that encourage participation and transparency to fight corruption and promote the use of technologies by governments, with the collaboration of the civil society. The OGP's program envisaged that governments deliver a country action plan developed through public consultation and commit to independent reporting on their progress going forward. 

Italy has joined the OGP from the beginning and it has so far achieved two action plans. Now, the implementation phase of the third action plan has started.

The development, implementation and monitoring of the third Action Plan for the 2016-2018 period are coordinated by the Department of Public Administration, which initiated and open an inclusive process of co-design and co-decision of the action plan with over 70 organizations. The process is divided into three working groups: open data and transparency, participation and accountability, digital citizenship and innovation.

The Global Shapers Rome participated in drafting the third Action Plan. Afterwards, Global Shapers Rome, member of the Civil Society Forum, will collaborate in the implementation of the monitoring process of the Action Plan.