Our Sickle Cell Stories

Sickle Cell Disease (CSD) is a genetic disorder discovered over a century ago by James Herrick. Advancement in medical knowledge and practice ensure that persons living with SCD enjoy a better quality of life and higher life expectancy now than when it was first discovered. Despite these, many patients especially in Sub-Saharan Africa continue to suffer preventable complications and early death due to lack of access to required medical care.

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared SCD a global public health emergency in 2008 in recognition of the global toll of this condition and declared June 19 World Sickle Cell Day, with a focus on raising awareness about the condition. Several interventions have since been initiated by member countries to address this with September recognised as Sickle Cell Awareness month in several countries. 

SCD presents many risks and complications to pregnant women and children thus Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 which, targets the reduction of maternal mortality and prevention of under 5 mortality as well as reducing mortality from non-communicable diseases are critical aim of SCD advocacy.


The Global Shapers Accra Hub, committed to shaping Accra one issue at a time, whiles giving young people a seat at the table of influence, identified as one of the health issues to focus on for the foregoing year; challenges regarding the management of Sickle Cell Disease in our society.

The project goals are:

  1. Sensitize the general public on the importance of knowing their sickle cell status

  2. Offer free medical screening to the general public to know their status