Outside The Bubble

Right now in response to COVID-19, we are rightfully spending more time at home, connecting with those we are close to - but not being exposed to what is happening across our community like we used to. We’re not running into people in the street to check-in. We’re not hearing the personal gripes that people are having that are not work-related, as they now work in their own home. We’re not even hearing everything happening globally, because the news is dominated by COVID-19.

And in that, we are missing out. We are missing out on what is happening in our community across a range of sectors, and we’re not hearing from people around the world like we used to.

As the Launceston Global Shapers Hub, we’re launching Outside the Bubble, a series of short interviews with people across Launceston and across the world to bring these opinions and perspectives to light, using social media. We are all streaming extensive video content at the moment, so we’re preparing short five minute clips to help get people out of their bubble into what is happening elsewhere in Launceston and/or elsewhere in the world.