Panas en Tabogo

Problem statement

Stigmas against Venezuelan migrants in Bogota, generating discrimination and exclusion, affecting their mental health.

Target Group

Mainly to Venezuelan migrants but also to our audience in ig and website.

Proposed Solution

We make visible stories of Venezuelan migrants in Bogota, from diversity, to sensibilize migrants and non-migrants about these realities that go beyond stereotypes and are not told by the media.

Hub activities

  • Identification of Venezuelan migrants, with different profiles, who are willing to be interviewed and tell us a bit of their story.

  • Creation of an ig profile and website where these interviews, accompanied by photos of the interviewees, are made visible.

  • Writing of chronicles of the interviews where we capture emotions and feelings that we captured at the time of the interviews.

  • Dissemination of content through different alliances that allow us to reach more people.

Short and long-term goals

  • Approximately 25 interviews published in the first six months of the project

  • Further consolidation of the website

  • Approximate reach between 300 and 500 followers in the first six months of the project

  • Number of listeners on podcast platforms

  • More audience (2,000 people)

Available metrics

  • number of interviews conducted with migrants

  • number of interviews published on ig and website

  • number of accounts reached in ig

  • number of listeners on podcast platforms project collaborators: possible incorporation with Shapers 4 Venezuela

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