Parche Democratico Cartagena

Problem Statement

Cartagena has a significant young population, which represents a great opportunity for the country's development. However, young people (population from 14 to 28 years old) often face barriers to get involved in politics and decision making, which limits their ability to influence public policies and the construction of a more inclusive society. The young population of Cartagena presents one of the highest rates of abstentionism in political participation, for the year 2020 in the election of the Local Youth Councils, abstentionism was 95%. Only 5% of the 260,000 young people eligible to vote went to the polls.

The "Parche Democratico" project aims to address this problem of abstentionism in the exercise of democracy and promote a positive change in youth participation in the political dynamics, creating spaces for learning, empowerment and public debates where young people can exercise their citizenship, from the recognition of their power as political subjects. Strengthening young people in the three localities of the city of Cartagena.

Proposed Solution

Promoting and strengthening the active and meaningful participation of Cartagena's youth in Colombia's democratic processes. Recognizing the importance of the youth voice in decision making, seeking to encourage their participation in the political, social and economic life of the country and providing spaces for dialogue, training and action to empower the youth of Cartagena. To this end, we will train 150 young Cartageneros on democracy issues during 10 "Parche Democratico" in order to give them tools and turn them into key political actors for social transformation.

Target Audience

The project is aimed primarily at voters between 18 and 28 years of age.


During the “Parche Democraticos” we will develop trainings, formations and open debates about the rights, duties and needs that the youth citizenship identifies in their communities. We will build spaces for: Direct dialogue between the candidates for mayor of Cartagena, the territorial grassroots organizations, youth movements and youth citizenship in general; promoting from these scenarios assertive communication, critical thinking and formal dialogue on the responsibility of power and youth as a figure of transformation and monitoring. Rediscovery of the identity of the people from Cartagena: Exercise of understanding the customs, traditions and historical political facts, to allow us to reflect on how the youth want to project their social, economic and democratic culture. Recognition and youth advocacy, traveling and discovering spaces and mechanisms of participation and the incidence of young people in the construction of public policies that are grounded in the needs of the territories; and transformed from the national youth system and the statute of youth citizenship.


Main Objective: To strengthen the active and meaningful participation of the youth of Cartagena in the democratic processes of Colombia, empowering them to be agents of change in the political, social and economic life of the country.

Specific objectives:

  1. Increasing youth electoral participation: promoting youth voting through the accompaniment of registration and zoning of identity documents, through awareness campaigns and advice for the correct electoral registration.

  2. Training youth leaders: in active citizenship, democratic rights and leadership skills in workshops and training activities, so that they become agents of democratic monitoring and change in their communities.

  3. Providing spaces for dialogue and participation: organizing at least 2 forums for dialogue and debates between young people and local political candidates.

Impact metrics

  • 2 ''Parches Democraticos'' conducted.

  • 465 people trained in-person.

  • 2.000 people trained online.


El Bolivarense digital newspaper, Universidad Libre, Universidad de Cartagena, International Cooperation Office of the Mayor's Office of Cartagena.

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