Parche Democrático

Problem Statement

The young population of Risaralda between 18 and 28 years old has one of the highest rates of abstentionism in active political participation, which is why a pedagogical intervention is required in order to strengthen the exercise of democracy of the young population of the department so that they become political actors.

Target audiences

The project primarily targets voters aged 18-28.

Proposed solution

The Pereira Hub intends to fulfill this objective through its project "Parche Democratico" (  -  -, which consists in organizing pedagogical mechanisms (democratic patches) by carried out in educational institutions, with the aim of giving voters the necessary tools.


Train Risaraldenses on issues of democracy in 10 ''Parches democráticos'' in order to give them tools and turn them into key political actors for social transformation.

Milestones and deadlines

Carry out a monthly democratic patch during the 2021-2022 period in order to:

1. Encourage a free, conscious and informed vote.

2. Reduce the levels of abstentionism in the population between 18-28 years of age in:

  a) Elections to the Youth Council

  b) Elections for Congress

  c) Presidential elections for the year 2022.

  d) Local elections 2023.


Number of ''parches democráticos'' made

Number of people trained