Parche Ecológico

Problem Statement

The project addresses the need for proper waste management and disposal to reduce the impact on climate change and raise awareness among the communities around the parks to be intervened. This approach is relevant to the communities as it seeks to build playgrounds from solid waste, promoting community participation and mental health. What we have seen is that the parks in Armenia are in very bad condition and very dirty. This is due to the fact that people are uneducated on climate impact and proper waste disposal, and the constant robbery of the metal infrastructure of the park.

Our plan is to do:

  1. Education campaigns with the community around the parks for them to learn about plastic disposals and involve them in taking care of the park.

  2. Recollection of plastics to turn them into plastic wood and create the park infrastructure with it (since this is not a material that people will steal) for children and families to use. This will create appropriation of the community on the parks, keeping them clean and properly recycling of their plastic consumption.

  3. Include allies such as corporations, civil society, academies and the government to replicate this project in all the parks in Armenia city.

Target Group

The project will primarily benefit children and adolescents from vulnerable neighborhoods around the parks where we will intervene, as well as the general community. It aims to involve people of different age groups and social classes.

Proposed Solution

The project proposes reusing solid waste by transforming it into park furniture, raising awareness in the community about recycling, and conducting campaigns for the community to maintain the furniture. It also includes social interventions to promote climate education and community coexistence in the parks. The project focuses on education and awareness to engage the population in collecting the necessary plastic waste for park interventions.

Hub Activities

  1. Identification of strategic actors for waste transformation.

  2. Allocation of roles for strategic actors and the Global Shapers Hub Armenia.

  3. Determination of costs, key actions, and processes for park recovery.

  4. Establishment of training and learning methodologies.

  5. Identification and selection of populations to be intervened through the project.

  6. Conducting educational training on waste management in households.

  7. Establishing alliances with identified actors to determine intervention areas.

  8. Planning the intervention with the involved population.

  9. Designating waste collection points and methods.

  10. Transformation of waste into furniture.

  11. Park intervention and implementation of furniture made from collected materials.

  12. Feedback on execution and results analysis.

Short and Long-term Goals/Results

The short-term objective is to raise community awareness and collect the waste necessary for park interventions. In the long term, it aims to reduce environmental impact, promote climate education, social preservation the city's parks, and improve the quality of life of the community.

Available Metrics

  • Tons of plastic recycled.

  • Number of people impacted.

  • Number of parks intervened.


  • Voices Leaders Foundation

  • Reciiclar Company

  • Circular Economy Board

  • Municipality of Armenia

  • Ecobot Company from Cali (potential alliance)

  • Treeoma

  • Natural Sciences Teachers

  • PRAE in schools

  • Botanical Garden

  • Dr. Alberto

  • Plastic Wood Company Cesar (working at the Botanical Garden)

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Current Allies: