Red de Parque de Colores (Color Parks Network)

Color Parks is a project that mobilizes the talents of vulnerable urban communities and those marginalized by violence, so that through the transformation of a physical place, social transformation is promoted, by building community fabric, strengthening ties of trust and obtaining a coexistence peaceful, as part of the processes of reconciliation and peacebuilding to which we are called as a Colombian society in the post-conflict process.


Parque de Colores uses a methodology called OASIS, which the NGO Global Shapers learned in a cultural exchange in Brazil, which consists of building a collective dream of a community using its own talents and resources. This implies the self-recognition of their potentialities, to then direct them towards a common objective. In the same way, the self-perception in front of their imaginations as a community changes, and their capacity to work in teams is strengthened.



To transform the memories of violence on some parks in the city of Manizales and resignify them into spaces of peace, joy, and community encounter.

Mobilize the talents of vulnerable urban communities and those marginalized by violence to build a collective dream of a specific community

Promote territorial transformation processes through the use of the OASIS methodology




• Adaptation of the most feared Park, through the OASIS methodology, of the most stigmatized neighborhood in Manizales (Barrio Solferino)

• Donations of more than $ 2,000 in materials.

• 17 houses intervened around the park.

• 100 people directly impacted, 400 indirectly.

• Confluence of more than 100 people from the Allied Foundations, the community, and the Global Shapers Colombia Community.



• Adaptation of a Park in the Sinaí neighborhood, through the OASIS methodology

• More than 120 people impacted directly, 350 indirectly


Impact Areas

SDG 16 - Peace, justice and Strong Institutions


Project Needs



Carry out a social intervention in a marginalized and vulnerable neighborhood due to different social and economic problems in the territory



Donations of elements for the realization of the park: paints, plants, brushes, used tires, cement blocks, tools for the construction or redesign of the park, food


Knowledge, skills and / or experience

Graphic design elaboration of graffiti, models of social intervention in vulnerable and marginalized places


Organizations and interest groups


Community allies:

School Against Poverty Foundation

Community Footprints of Life Foundation

Vive con Bienestar Foundation (Bive)


Human resources.


• Some tools.

• Artists for interventions and presentations.


Business allies:




• Materials and tools for applying paints


Institutional allies:

Manizales Mayor's Office, Ministry of the Environment.

Culture Houses


• Seeds and flowers for the parks.

• Artists for interventions or for presentations


Additional Information

Parque de Colores Solferino 2015

Parque de Colores Sinaí 2017




Eduardo Gómez Restrepo