The Global Shapers Skopje Hub project #parkingfail is addressing the problem of the lack of citizens` awareness of the importance and negative effects of not following the regulations for parking in public premises. The city of Skopje has many vehicles parked on the public spaces intended for pedestrians, disabled people, and green areas. That makes it difficult and dangerous for free moving on the sidewalks and the streets.

This project aims to raise awareness to the citizens for the importance of following the regulations for parking on public premises in the Skopje city center to at least 100 drivers.

Specifically, the project aims to achieve the following measurable goals: 

- Reaching to at least 100 illegally parked vehicles 

- 40+ mentions on the social networks (through the created hashtags and media sharing)

- Shared article about the project and its impact.

The project plans to achieve the goal through the following project activities: 

1. Visually marking around 50-100 wrongly parked vehicles on the one-day event; 

2. Raising awareness to around 50-100 drivers that are parked in the wrong place by the volunteers

3. Disseminating informative cards with a note for the potential consequences of the inappropriate parking and including a hashtag for sharing the guerrilla action on the social media by passersby. 

In addition, cooperation with responsible institutions, such as the Republic Council on Road Traffic Safety will contribute towards achieving the project`s goals. 

The project duration will be from 10.09.2020 to 10.01.2021 with possibilities for replication a few times in 2021 and 2022 in other cities across the country. 

A major milestone is an event in Skopje at the beginning of October 2020.