Partner with Purpose New York

Problem statement: Connecting companies who want to do good with last mile-underserved nonprofits that typically fall outside corporate radars and lack resources

Description: Partner with Purpose is an initiative that connects purpose-driven companies with impactful last-mile nonprofits, fostering positive change in local communities by addressing issues both parties genuinely care about

Target group: Local nonprofits in New York City

Hub activities: Replicable one-day nimble volunteer service module that transitions into sustained community partnership between a local NGO and company. It will be an authentic, credible way for people at large companies to volunteer with values-aligned but underserved community-based non profits.

Key milestones: December 2021: Pilot impact framework with McKinsey & Co. $250k disbursed to 15 nonprofits in New York City

Available metrics: Project will be measured in net impact delivered to local nonprofits in different local hubs including New York. Giving between company and nonprofit in one of four ways:

  • TIME: ~600 Volunteer hours contributed towards nonprofits in pilot

  • CASH: $250k donated to 15 local nonprofits in New York City

  • KIND: In-kind Stationery donation to St Clements’ Food Pantry, NYC

  • SKILLS: 1 Skills-based partnership between McKinsey & Co & GrowNYC ($5m value)