Peace Coming Soon

Afghanistan is holding its third round of elections in the first week of April 2014, which is about two weeks away. In the first election, we had an unbelievable number of voters participating in the election. In the second year the number of voters decreased. However, this year, it is expected to decrease even more due to security concerns. Kabul Hub believes that we can encourage people to participate in the elections by raising awareness. Participation of the Afghans, especially Afghan Youth, is highly important to have a democratic and transparent election.
We are requesting for a picture of A4/A3 size paper with a short 7-10 word message on the paper with your name and country written on the bottom right hand side. The message should be completely neutral and something inspiring the Afghan youth and to encourage them to vote.
We will create a facebook page and what we will do with these photos is a make a short video/presentation type and upload it on youtube/twitter/facebook- media and try to share it with as many people as possible so we can spread awareness to as many people as possible. And the reason why I am asking friends outside Afghanistan is to show them that there is support from outside and it is not political. It is just common people like you and me who support Afghanistan.
P.S. if you would like to involve other shapers or friends who would like to participate, that would be great as long as the project is kept low profile for few days and we will keep you updated.