Pecha Kucha Night Aden

Project: Pecha Kucha Night Aden

Problem Statement: Lack of platforms for creative expression and knowledge sharing in Aden, Yemen.

Target Group: Artists, designers, innovators, and creative individuals in Aden. Pecha Kucha Night Aden aims to establish a regular event where participants can present their ideas, projects, and creative works in a concise and visually engaging format.

Hub Activities: Organizing Pecha Kucha Night events on a regular basis. Promoting open call for presenters and curating diverse presentations. Providing a venue and technical support for presenters. Facilitating networking opportunities among participants. Documenting and sharing presentations online to reach a wider audience.

Short-term Goals: Successfully organize the first Pecha Kucha Night Aden event. Engage a diverse group of presenters and attendees. Generate interest and excitement within the local creative community.

Long-term Goals: Establish Pecha Kucha Night Aden as a recurring event. Build a strong network of creative individuals and organizations in Aden. Inspire and promote innovation, collaboration, and creative expression in the community.

Available Metrics: Number of Pecha Kucha Night events organized. Attendance rate of presenters and audience. Diversity of presenters in terms of backgrounds and topics. Feedback and satisfaction surveys from participants. Online reach and engagement through views and shares of presentations.