Period Party

For women, menstrual health is at the core of our overall health, not only because of its reproductive purposes but because it controls and is controlled by vital physiological components including our hormones, mood, mental health, strength and physical performance – not to mention the effects it has on school attendance and quality of life. In schools and at home, education around our menstrual health is purely focused on the reproductive system, but we never really learn about how we can manage our holistic health to have a healthier cycle, and a healthier body in general.


That is why the hub hosted a Period Party in partnership with Nala Woman and KonsultaMD! It is a series of five sessions (one per day) where women participants learned from experts, doctors, and each other about menstrual health and body positivity. The participants were able to share their experiences, combat period shame, and learn to love their bodies for the incredible things they are.