Periodos Plenos

Problem Statement

“Agua Viva” Foster home is a Rehabilitation Center in Aguascalientes city for young women many of whom have not had access to information and education on menstrual health and are unaware of sustainable alternatives to manage their periods in a healthier and more economical way.

Target Group

Young women from "Agua Viva" Forster Home in Agauascalientes

Proposed Solution

The Global Shapers Aguascalientes Hub decided to promote the recognition of menstrual heal as a human right through the "Periodos Plenos" project, in collaboration with FEMMEX Foundation. Targeted women had access to information about the use of sustainable menstrual hygiene products and also benefitted from the donation campaign to give them their own washable towels and menstrual cups, along with a personal follow-up.

Hub Activities

3 information visits: to collect data about young women menstrual practices and difficulties, to give them informative talks about menstrual health and finally to deliver them their own sustainable menstrual products along with follow-up of how to use them.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results

General promotion of the use of sustainable menstrual products

Available Metrics

  • 40 benefited women

  • 40 menstrual kits delivered


  • FEMMEX Foundation

  • Agua Viva