Periods in the Time of Pandemic

With almost 20% of the world (1 in 5 people across the globe) under COVID-19 lockdown, Global Shapers Kolkata Hub thought of checking in with Shapers across the globe about Periods/Menstruation – a normal phenomenon which is still considered taboo in many of our cultures. The aim of this exercise is to understand how menstruators across various Hubs and locations are experiencing periods in the face of uncertainty; how are menstruators in our communities coping with their periods and how are people taking action to address the needs of menstruators.

The project is primarily a communication campaign targeted at communities around the Hubs. We are engaging them through various educational videos including awareness regarding menstruation and it’s impact on mental health like PMS, PMDD et cetera, and how to make sustainable cloth pads during the time of the pandemic. We primarily are connecting to other Hubs to increase our reach and getting information around menstrual health.