PlanC - Curitiba Against Corona Virus

The pandemic scenario that the world is facing due to #coronavirus has affected Latin America in a very specific way. The continent already lived under deep inequalities, in terms of access to housing, education, basic sanitation, health, food and resources. The arrival of covid-19 in Brazil has showcased the limited capacity of the government to address those inequalities, specially during an emergency scenario. The consequences are drastic, and inequalities are deeper than they used to be. It is clear that the problem can only be properly addressed if different society sectors mobilize together. We need coalition and collaboration. As society, our PlanA and B have failed - so Curitiba Hub is proposing a third way, our PlanC. 


About PlanC

PlanC project was a virtual platform to support local services and vulnerable communities during the period of quarantine and social isolation in Curitiba's region.

The platform connected people who need help with people who wants to help, through two different ways:

  1. connecting donors to projects which are helping vulnerable communities receive food, hygiene products and masks;

  2. partnering with local business that will donate a share of their sells to the projects supported by the platform.


Results and impact


First phase (two months)

- We have partnered with 15 social projects that are already trustful and active for the city

- We have raised 15 thousand Brazilian Reais (around 3 thousand dollars)

- We have impacted the lives of 2000 people: from providing food and hygiene resources for people living in vulnerable communities or in the streets to providing masks and equipment for heathcare workers 

- The project is being scaled for other city in Brazil very affected by coronavirus pandemic: Manaus. 


Second phase (45 days)

The project then entered a new phase: the goal was to reach other 45 thousand Brazilian Reais in 45 days - and would impact the lives of almost 8 thousand people by the end of the period. However, due to the economic crisis installed in Brazil, we were unable to raise the full amount. This phase of the campaing was held until August 19th.


Final Results

- 15 local projects supported

- 2686 people impacted

- 19.025 Brazilian Reais raised (around 4.5k american dollars)