Powering Education

Powering Education aims at reducing energy poverty by rendering renewable energy accessible to rural, off-grid communities. At the same time, the project studies how replacing harmful and expensive kerosene lanterns with solar lamps impacts children’s access to education. It is the first cross-platform project between two Global Shapers Hubs, Rome and Nairobi, and it benefits from the financial support of Enel Foundation and the operational support of the non-governmental organization Givewatts. Powering Education foresees the installation of 350 solar lamps in twelve schools located in off-grid rural areas of Kenya. The lamps will be delivered with a certain time lag between them, hence allowing for bi-monthly impact assessments studies that will shed more light on the magnitude of the ‘better energy - better education’ nexus.

Supporting the diffusion of clean energy & innovative technologies as key enablers for education & access to culture.

Span : 350 students in 12 schools in the Amboseli region, Kenya.


- Delivered first batch of 175 solar lamps to 12 schools in the Amboseli region, Kenya; - Selected as one of the semi-finalists for the Dell Social Innovation Challenge; - Awarded a $50,000 acceleration grant from the Coca Cola Company. The judging panel included Chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice; Jubril Adewale Tinubu, Group Chief Executive of Oando Plc in Nigeria.