Programa de Consumidores Responsables ProAmazonía

Problem Statement

The irresponsible consumption of resources from the Peruvian Amazon.

Target Group

Amazon communities that commercialize Amazonian products in a sustainable way.

Proposed Solution

Promote those products within the network of the hub and encourage responsible consumption of Amazonian products through micro projects.

Hub Activities

For this project the first activity was to receive hybrid training sessions from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) for 2 months (March-April, 2023) about different modules related to the Amazonian context. Based on this, it is expected that the micro projects organize campaigns to raise awareness about the Amazonian products and responsible consumption.

Each micro project will have a SMART objective and it is still to be defined.


The project's metrics are still to be defined and for now one metric will be the N° of people reached in the awareness-raising campaign.


For this project the main collaborator and partner is WCS in terms of knowledge received but the project will look up for additional partners to reach a wider audience.