Project Accelerate: Skills, Set, Go

"Project Accelerate: Skills, Set, Go" is a comprehensive initiative aimed at providing young people with the skills and competencies necessary to succeed in the rapidly changing job market. The initiative is launched by Ahmedabad Global Shapers, a community of young leaders who are committed to creating positive change in their communities.

In today's rapidly changing world, it is essential for young people to have a strong foundation of 21st-century skills in order to be competitive in the job market. These skills include digital literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, as well as a strong understanding of the latest technologies and trends. The initiative seeks to provide young people with the training and education they need to develop these skills, so they can be better prepared for the future of work.

The initiative will focus on providing a range of training and education programs, including online courses, workshops, and hands-on learning opportunities. These programs will be designed to meet the needs of young people from diverse backgrounds and will be accessible to all. They will be led by experts in their fields and will be designed to be interactive and engaging so that participants can learn in a fun and stimulating environment.

Project Accelerate is more than just a training program. It is a comprehensive initiative that seeks to equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the new economy. This includes providing them with access to mentors and job opportunities, as well as building their networks and connections to the wider community. Through this initiative, young people will have the support they need to develop their careers and succeed in the new economy.

In conclusion, "Project Accelerate: Skills, Set, Go" is an innovative and ambitious initiative that seeks to provide young people with the skills and competencies they need to succeed in the rapidly changing job market. By providing training and education, mentorship, and job opportunities, the initiative aims to empower young people to achieve their full potential and to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

The hub is working on 4 verticals for this project:

  1. UNDP Skilling Program: In this vertical, the hub has collaborated with Movers Program for providing the skills and courses on making the students familiar with Future of Work and equipping them with the necessary skills certified by UNDP

  2. Cyber Security with IBM and US State Services: Under this, the hub has partnered with the IBM Skillsbud program and American Corner - US State Services for providing a 6-month long Basic to Advanced Cyber Security Training Program for awareness as well as for career opportunities

  3. Entrepreneurship development courses: here the hub is providing short-term entrepreneurship courses of 15 days, 30 days, and 3 months for free to Rural Women, Urban Marginalized Women, and College Students with low-income backgrounds. After the program assured government schemes benefits and helping to make them financially independent

  4. Job Support: Ahmedabad Global Shapers has also partnered with various industry organizations like CII, GUSEC, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, NASSCOM, and GCCI for providing internship, job, and career opportunities through a simple process and bridging the gap between Employer and Employee.


UNDP Skilling Program:

  • Ongoing partnership with 6 Universities, 17 Colleges

  • Enrollment of 3100+ students for 19 different courses over 3 months

  • 2300+ Certificates issued to date

  • 700+ Students helped with college placements

Cyber Security with IBM and US State Services

  • Ongoing partnership with 3 Universities, 9 Colleges

  • Enrollment of 1200+ students for 3 different courses of 1/2/3 months

  • 400+ Certificates issued to date

  • 3000+ Students engaged to date through awareness programs

Entrepreneurship development courses

  • 279 Rural women, 127 Urban Marginalised Women's and 57 College students trained. Government Certificates were issued to all of them.

  • 48 beneficiaries received government support worth 56 lakhs in total.

  • total number of 93 employment is generated

Job Support


  • 300+ Internships provided with an average stipend of 3000 per month.

  • Mapped 120+ students with different segments.

  • Career Guidance and Counselling to 200+ Students to date.