Project Afterlife India

Problem Statement: According to the World Health Organization, only around 0.01 percent of people in India donate their organs after death. In India, only 3.25% of those in need of an organ transplant are likely to receive one.

Project Target Group: 18+ year-olds in Urban India

Proposed Solution:

  • Stage 1: Awareness outreach to increase awareness of organ donation in India and try to dispel myths and misconceptions about the process.

  • Stage 2: Create a step-by-step guide / SOP that encompasses all relevant information required to pledge your organs.

  • Stage 3: Community outreach and on-ground workshops with public and private institutions as a means to educate and bolster organ donation participation.

Hub Activities: As part of this project, the Gurugram Hub has started social media outreach to increase social media awareness of organ donation in India. The hub has also conducted expert interviews with medical staff and a survey to understand the awareness and perception levels of people in India regarding organ donation. The project team is now looking to conduct on-ground activities, with potential partners and collaborators. Furthermore, the project team is also in the process of conceptualizing a "how-to" guide on donating organs in India.

Short-term goals: Conducting on-ground activities to gather public perceptions of organ donation and encouraging and educating them about organ pledges and finding private sector partners to conduct these on-ground sessions.

Long-term goals: The hub ultimately aims to encourage as many people as possible to pledge their organs.

Available metrics:

  • # of pledge sign-ups

  • # of partnerships

  • # of Shapers participating

  • # of outreach on-ground activities

  • # of pledges by women

  • # of pledges by men

  • # of impressions created on social media