Project Agahi

Problem Statement:

Project Agahi is developed in collaboration with the Dastak Foundation, a shelter home for domestic abuse survivors and their children. These women come from different parts of the country and most of them have not had access to education and basic social skills.

Proposed Solution:

This project will work to train 15 women and 5 kids on basic skills, including using a computer, typing and data entry that can help them get financial independence. Additionally, these women and children will be educated on essential civic and social skills.

Project Objectives - Short Term:

  • Civic Education: Engage domestic abuse survivors in trainings related to civic responsibility, including proper waste disposal, taking care of the environment etc.

  • Refuel for the Future: Work with domestic violence abuse survivors to help them get essential life and employable skills, including basic computer skills

  • Create Inclusive Communities: Contribute to community development and enabling women to gain financial independence

Project Objectives - Long Term:

  • Motivating these women to gain financial independence

  • Empower them with civic education, so that they can embed in society independently

  • Develop self-confidence and a sense of leadership in these women

Project Matrix:

  • Engage 15 women in 6 different sessions (3 skill based, 3 civic education)

  • Evaluation of these women on the qualitative matrix of confidence, willingness to lead change for themselves and their children and to take initiative. This will be analyzed based on feedback and interview with Dastak's team.

Project Collaborators: - Dastak Foundation - All Pakistan Women Movement

Project Timeline: October - April