Buy-Anihan for Food Security

Shaper Project Lead: Cherrie Atilano

The Global Shapers Community Manila Hub is working to address the food security, health and nutrition of our fellow Filipinos by helping communities in Metro Manila gain access to fresh produce with Project Buy-Anihan.



By working with LGUs to provide their constituents with relief goods that include assorted fruits and vegetables, we aim to help families stay healthy and boost their immunity during the enhanced community quarantine. This project also benefits farmers from Northern and Southern Luzon who are struggling to sell their produce this harvest season.


Progress to date:

- 2,500 bags (A total of 7,730 kilos!) of assorted vegetables (mungbean, onions, tomatoes, garlic, camote , carrots, sayote) were delivered to 2,500 families in PEMBO Makati. with help from Agrea, Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), and the Office of Senator Kiko Pangilinan.

2000 Fresh Food Packs (6000 Kilos!) were delivered to Malabon to benefit over 2000 Families! With help from AGREA, the Mayor of Malabon Len Oreta Full and the First Lady of Malabon Melissa Oreta Full and Atty. Carlo Escadala from Chelsea Logistics/Worklink and Phoenix & Udenna Foundation


- 1KG veggie pack from Project Buy-Anihan and Oh My Gulay were sources for 200 Tricycle drivers who lost their primary source of income on two occasions